December 12th, 2004


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My late friend Graham Chapman, an idiosyncratic driver at the best of times, used to exploit the mutual incomprehension of British and U.S. driving habits by always carrying both British and California driver’s licences. Whenever he was stopped in the States, he would flash his British licence, and vice versa. He would also mention that he was just on his way to the airport to leave the country, which he always found to be such welcome news that the police would breathe a sigh of relief and wave him on.

Как я попал к этому юзеру, не помню, так что если кто-нибудь видел этот пост, то не обессудьте. Текст абсолютно блистательный, как, впрочем, почти все, что написал Дуглас Адамс.